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Justice Department to begin Investigation into CIA Introgations

Finally the Obama administration is doing something about the tactics used by the CIA when questioning Terror suspects during the Bush administration. It took long enough! Today Atty Gen. Eric Holder announced that he will be appointing a special prosecutor to launch a criminal probe of CIA questioning tactics. Now, I know I have remained pretty silent about this topic in the past (simply because foreign policy and homeland security aren’t exactly my cup of tea) but I am glad that the administration is finally living up to its promises. The news of this investigation comes after rather cool (as in low key) statement issued by Press Secretary Gibbs:

The President has said repeatedly that he wants to look forward, not back, and the President agrees with the Attorney General that those who acted in good faith and within the scope of legal guidance should not be prosecuted. Ultimately, determinations about whether someone broke the law are made independently by the Attorney General.

Frankly, I think this response from the White House is pretty illustrative of how poorly the WH communicates with the media and general public. I mean sure they have embraced new and emerging delivery methods to get their messages to a broader audience. However, greater delivery does not automatically mean greater control of the message. In fact I would say it leaves the administration open to misinterpretation (like on health care) and non-uniform/scrambled messaging which leads to greater confusion (i.e. HHS Sec. Sebilius’ little faux pas regarding the public option). My suggestion: Fire the entire communication’s staff and start fresh, I mean they really need a new communication’s strategy, one that they can coordinate across the executive departments (i.e. the cabinet) Technorati Tags: , , , , ,

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