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March 17th, 2010
Homophobic NY State Senator Loses re-election bid (365gay.com) – Former State Senator Hiram Monserrate lost his bid in a special election last night,\ in an attempt to regain his seat in the New York Legislature. The Senator was expelled from the Senate last month following his conviction on domestic assault charges filed by a former girl friend. In addition to the domestic abuse charges, Mr. Monserrate is known for his flip flop vote on same-sex marriage following suit with opponents of the marriage equality bill that was passed by the NY State Assembly last year.
Justice Steven’s considering retirement from the Court (LA Times via Americablog) – The  L.A. Times is reporting that Associate Justice Paul Stevens may be eyeing retirement this year.  At age 89 Justice Steven’s is the oldest serving member of the Court and the 4th longest serving member of the Court’s history.  Justice Steven’s is known for being the leader of the Court’s liberals, and ironically appointed by a Republican President.
Breaking: Florida Legislature Set to Debate Gay-Adoption Ban (via Bilerico Project) – For the first time in 33 years since the ban’s enactment, both chamber’s of Florida’s legislature are  scheduled to debate whether or not people considering adoption should be asked about their sexual orientation.  The Amendment’s co-author’s Rep. Scott Randolph and Sen. Charlie Justice (p.s. Senator love the last name!) were able to successfully file the amendment with their respective houses.  These amendments would be offered from the floor thus bypassing committee consideration  and if approved by the House and Senate would amend language in an adoption bill that is on its second reading.  GO FLORIDA!
And for your viewing pleasure here is our hottie of the day!

Elvis Fernando (via Queerty)


This man is a hot CRAZY mess

Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli is not only on the record against LGBT inclusive anti-discrimination policies, apparently he’s also against giving his seventh kids a social security number!

And this is why I advocate gay athletics teams :)

Don’t get me wrong I hate Ke$ha she’s over played as it is, but I’m all for guys in their underwear dancing around to her music! YAY Boston Gay Flag FootBall!

I always love having athletic shirtless men show up in my morning inbox 🙂 Then again who doesn’t! Now if only they’d show up in my apartment!

Morning inbox…

Well to sum up the stories that came to my inbox this morning it looks like we’re still talking about the C.I.A./detainee abuse cases (NYT), more loonie birther coverage (HuffPo) and of course the continuing Health Insurance debate with the republicans now trying to attach a Senior’s Health “Bill of Rights” which the AARP is protesting (WaPo).

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