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The New Depression…

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Well according to WaPo this afternoon the “economy is bad for your health“, particularly if you are a homeowner. According to the article a study conducted by UPenn‘s School of Medicine found that 47% of the 250 homeowners interviewed showed signs of depression while 37% exhibited signs of major depression. The study also concluded that:

Although the health status of homeowners has traditionally tended to be better than that of renters, the financial and emotional stress of foreclosure may undermine the potential benefits of homeownership.

All I can say is DUH! I’d be showing the same signs if I were faced with the prospects of being homeless. While I am not a homeowner myself, I still can empathize with the individuals that have been effected by this.

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Morning inbox…

Well to sum up the stories that came to my inbox this morning it looks like we’re still talking about the C.I.A./detainee abuse cases (NYT), more loonie birther coverage (HuffPo) and of course the continuing Health Insurance debate with the republicans now trying to attach a Senior’s Health “Bill of Rights” which the AARP is protesting (WaPo).

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