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the Senate and Health Care Reform

At some point I knew that reconciliation in the Senate would have to happen because of the ignorant stupidity of the Republican party.  Instead of doing whats right and protecting the welfare of this country the Republican party is doing nothing but being a bunch of sore losers when it comes to the fact they they lost Congress and the White House.  I don’t think there is one legitimate issue that they have as to why health care reform shouldn’t pass.  They are using delay tactics and bullying maneuvers to derail any meaningful change.  Its time like these that I am glad I no longer affiliate myself with the party, I learned my lesson after voting for Bush the first time around in 2000.

I just wish there was a way to kick all the loons and haters out so I could actually go back to being ok with my own republican roots. But as long as ignorance, stupidity, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are around that won’t happen, however there is hope these old turds are getting old and will eventually kick the bucket.  Maybe then things will change.Technorati Tags: , ,



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