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Quote of the Day!

This is a quote from one of my new favorite drag queens and it makes so much sense!

“We’re all born naked, everything else is just drag.’’ – JuJube (from RuPaul’s Drag Race S2 and currently appearing on RuPaul’s Drag U).

Theres a really good background piece on JuJu in the Boston Globe check it out!


MN GOP State Senator has a Wilde time

You know its going to be a good morning when you see this headline in your inbox :

The news here isn’t the fact that Senator Koering is gay, or even the fact that he went out with (pardon the expression) up and coming porn pup Brandon Wilde (link nsfw). No the real story here is what was purportedly said during the date that is getting the most attention.  Historically, Senator Koering has been against the legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota and has gone on record voting against bills that have come related to the matter. His office has even gone on record as saying that “same-sex marriage is a pointless issue”.  What was interesting about his “date” (and I use that term loosely) is that his companion for the evening (Wilde) indicated that the Senator may behaving second thoughts about this issue and could possibly vote for the legalization of same-sex marriages if it came up for a vote in the next legislative session to quote Wilde more specifically:

“He told me he wants to be President one day! But first, he needs to win his re-election. He said once he was re-elected he’d work on gay rights issues and NOH8 stuff, you know? He said he’d make it so gay marriage was legal in Minnesota.” (via Towleroad)

The Senator as one would expected refuted that statement:

“I don’t remember telling him any of that. I don’t support gay marriage. My job is to support my constituents, and that’s not something they want.” (via Towleroad)

I am not sure who to really believe on this matter, but I’m more inclined to go with the pornstar over the politician at this point (and not just cause he’s drop dead gorgeous either!)

Movie Review: Watercolors

If you are looking for a good romantic drama that will make you ball your eyes out, I definitely recommend checking out the film Watercolors by David Oliveras.  This is a beautifully written story about a young artist named Danny (played by hottie Tye Olson) and Carter (played by another hottie Kyle Clare) a troubled young man who has a passion for competitive swimming.  Since I am not the best at coming up with synopses here is the movie’s official website’s run down on the story:

When a gifted, young artist (Danny) arrives at the opening of his first New York exhibition his erotic paintings evoke memories of his first love (Carter), a troubled athlete whose depression and self-denial impacted all those around him. Through a series of flashbacks we see Danny and Carter struggle with their mutual attraction. With the encouragement of three strong and very different women, Mrs. Martin, a free-spirited art teacher, his best friend, Andy, a young girl with a severe physical impairment, and his mother, Miriam, a recovering alcoholic, Danny learns to use his creativity to transcend his grief. Fifteen years later, Danny is faced with the possibility of losing Allan, his current lover, unless he keeps his promise to never paint the boy again.

After I got done watching this movie I needed a box of kleenex, normally I hate movies that make me cry but this

Kyle Clare as Carter (left) and Tye Olson as Danny (right)

one just touched me, the last time I balled like that was after watching the films Yossi & Jaeger and BrokebackMountain (the only “mainstream” movie that has made me cry to date).  I admit at first I thought this would be another camp movie with bad acting, but it wasn’t at all and the story was very solid and has an element of truth to with respects to the stressers of coming out in a high school environment and forging romantic same sex relationships at an early age and the impact of teenage suicide has on its survivors (in this case Danny).

I highly recommend renting this movie, I know I plan to add this to my collection soon!

For your viewing pleasure here is the movie trailer:

Thank you for being a friend…

Well its now official Betty White is the last of the Golden Girls. Rue McClanahan passed away today due to a stroke.  Next to Betty she was my favorite Golden Gal, I remember watching her man crazy character Blanche Devereaux on a weekly basis (when the show originally aired) with my mom and sister back in the late 1980’s.  I remember her being so graceful and tactful and yet raunchy at the same time, which was half the fun of watching that show! I spent most of this evening watching episodes of the Golden Girls remembering all of the good times I had watching her as a child.

Rest in peace Rue, you will be missed by many a gay, especially this one! I imagine that she, Estelle and Bea are enjoying a couple of mint juilips while lounging on a large lani catching up on old times.

The BEST way to market your magazine!

I think the Brits got this one right :).  Sex really does sell especially magazines!

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