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MN GOP State Senator has a Wilde time

You know its going to be a good morning when you see this headline in your inbox :

The news here isn’t the fact that Senator Koering is gay, or even the fact that he went out with (pardon the expression) up and coming porn pup Brandon Wilde (link nsfw). No the real story here is what was purportedly said during the date that is getting the most attention. ¬†Historically, Senator Koering has been against the legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota and has gone on record voting against bills that have come related to the matter. His office has even gone on record as saying that “same-sex marriage is a pointless issue”. ¬†What was interesting about his “date” (and I use that term loosely) is that his companion for the evening (Wilde) indicated that the Senator may behaving second thoughts about this issue and could possibly vote for the legalization of same-sex marriages if it came up for a vote in the next legislative session to quote Wilde more specifically:

“He told me he wants to be President one day! But first, he needs to win his re-election. He said once he was re-elected he’d work on gay rights issues and NOH8 stuff, you know? He said he’d make it so gay marriage was legal in Minnesota.” (via Towleroad)

The Senator as one would expected refuted that statement:

“I don’t remember telling him any of that. I don’t support gay marriage. My job is to support my constituents, and that’s not something they want.” (via Towleroad)

I am not sure who to really believe on this matter, but I’m more inclined to go with the pornstar over the politician at this point (and not just cause he’s drop dead gorgeous either!)



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