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Open Letter to the Minnesota State Legislature…


Minnesota State Legislature
c/o: Speaker Zellers & President Fishbach 
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Saint Paul MN 55155

Re: Passage of SF 1308/HF 1613

Honorable Members of the Legislature,

I am writing to express my deep sadness that you the elected representatives of the state of Minnesota chose to advance what can only be defined as an act of divisive, mean spirited and anti-democratic legislation that if approved by the voters, will enshrine bigotry and hatred in a document designed to protects the citizens of this state.

Tonight, the House’s vote on the proposed amendment sent a very disheartening message to folks like me, who want nothing more than the right to have our relationships legally recognized by the state. While I was listening to the debate, I heard a lot of things, but what really stood out for me was what seemed to be a willingness to abdicate the legislature’s authority to create the laws of this state, something you were elected to do. Hidding behind the excuse that the people should be allowed to vote on this matter is rediculous in my opinion because it violates the very principles established in our federal constitution, and allows for a sub-class of citizenry to be created.

I can only hope that the people of Minnesota see this attempt to amend the constitution for what it really is (a pathetic attempt to gain favoratism with your base).

As someone who has gone through one amendment battle only to see it pass in his home state, I make a promise to you that I will do everything in my power to see this measure doesn’t pass here.

To the 70 Representatives and 38 Senators that voted for the passage of this amendment, you are all on the wrong side of history, and I hope you pay the price by getting swept out of office just like you were swept in this last election.  


Terrance Paape
Saint Paul, MN 55105 



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