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Political Headaches…

So I feel compelled to write this after just getting finished with a conversation that I didn’t want to have about my personal politics (memo to self remove political affiliation from my Facebook profile or hide it!).  You know a conversation with a guy is going to go south if you suddenly hear or see the phrase “oh oh … your a Democrat” comes in to the picture. Heres a little hint to all my prospective beaus out there… If I respond: “Yes, but I don’t let my party affiliation run my life”,  thats Terry speak for: “Yes and I don’t really want to get into a political conversation with you right now.”

I don’t care about your political ideology or your miss guided attempts to come off as politically savvy. STOP IT, I don’t want to talk about politics with people I could potentially be going out on a date with, its a big turn off and only decreases your chances with me.

Here’s a short list of what not to bring up when attempting to court me:

  • The AZ Immigration Law – chances are if you think this law was a good idea and that there is no way this law encourages racial profiling, its best to keep it to yourself (end of story).
  • The new Healthcare Reform law – If you call it Obamacare and think it should be repealed, I don’t care, its enacted its not going anywhere and really its not going to effect you unless you are apart of the population that needs health insurance but originally couldn’t get it because you were labeled “high risk”.
  • Same-Sex Marriage – If you are one of those people that feels gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married and are gay yourself, don’t even talk to me… you as an individual can choose not to get married and live that existence.  I personally want to get married someday and think it is a matter of equality.
  • The BP Oil Spill – Its BP’s fault they should pay for it end of story… if you think the government is picking on them and that they shouldn’t pay through the nose for this mess I don’t even want to talk to you.
  • The Economy and Jobs – Tax cuts for the top tiers of society and large corporations is not how we’re going to save our country or create jobs, we need real reforms and regulations that protect the average Joe from getting shoved around and abused by faceless corporations who are sending good paying jobs over seas because they want cheap labor.

That being said, I am exhausted and now have a migraine that is making me feel like my heads about to explode. Chalk this one up to a big fail on my part for leaving my political affiliation up on my Facebook page.



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