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Hate @ Duke U

If everyone thinks active homophobia on college campuses is a thing of the past, guess again… I have been following an on going story about homophobic incidents at Duke University all centered around a single student (Justin Robinette) a former Chair of his campus’s College Republicans, whats this kids back story you may ask? Well its relatively simple, he was elected Chair of his caucus, he came out, they ousted him and his cabinet… politics as usual? Nope… while the group is denying they impeached Justin because of his sexuality they have been implicated in several instance of harassing and homophobic behavior including graffiti that read:

“Lying F***ing Robinette, DCR=Righteous, get AIDS in hell.”

It seems as though the campus administration is very slow on the update to protect Mr. Robinette as he has also reported receiving harassing and threatening emails and phone calls from individuals he has identified as being with the Duke College Republicans.

This is completely unacceptable!



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